Materials: Pine wood, birch wood, eco-friendly linseed oil,

Dimensions:  Length (L)*Width (W)* Height (H) : 23cm (9 ¹/₁₆’’)*20cm(7 ⁷/₈’’)*14cm(5 ³³/₆₄’’).

Description: This wooden airplane  toy is made from pine and birch. Aircraft  is painted with an eco-friendly linseed oil stain and above all you can feel and see the texture of the wood. It is very pleasant to touch.  The propeller and wheels rotates around own axis.




The size of wooden toy airplane are as fallows:
Height – 13cm (5 ¹/₈ inches);
Length – 22cm (8 ²¹/₃₂ inches);
Width – 20cm (7 ⁷/₈ inches).


Wooden toy airplane.  We make wooden biplane toy from solid wood. Finally finish with non-toxic eco-friendly linseed oil stain. Of course plane propeller rotates and wheels roll!

Defying gravity and soaring in the sky is every boys dream. Keep him dreaming big with this classic wooden airplane!

Not only boys loves airplanes, but also girls wants play with these amazing airplanes.

Our handcrafted wooden vehicles are made in our small workshop by a master woodworker and toymaker. And are excellent toys to engage the imagination of preschoolers.

These heirloom-quality wooden toys are ruggedly built to handle years of play by your children and grandchildren!



100% eco-friendly toy.


It would make a great gift for any loved little ones in your life.

Natural mineral pigments tone the wooden surface. And also protect it from abrasion and impact of UV rays, making it more durable.

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Wooden toys are more sustainable, kinder to the environment, and healthier for children developmentally and physically due to the high levels of toxic chemicals involved in manufacturing plastic toy.

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Additional information

Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 23 × 20 × 14 cm

Red, Transparent, Green, Yellow